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Jinko solar


JinkoSolar is a global leader in the solar industry and the third largest global photovoltaic module supplier by capacity. The Chinese company has over 15,000 employees in China alone, and distributes its solar products and services to a range of international companies, both commercial and residential, in countries such as:

Australia China United States
Japan Germany UK
Chile South Africa India
Mexico Brazil Italy
United Arab Emirates Spain France
Belgium And other countries and regions


Jinko are experts in the development and production of wafer and solar cells, working closely with scientific experts, universities, and research facilities, to make sure they are always up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Jinko are proud of their production process, with every step of the development closely monitored. Each cell and module undergoes at least 36 stages of quality inspection and in-house testing. Extreme conditions are artificially created in the lab, such as tropical humidity, desert heat, and coastal sea spray.

JinkoSolar maintains one of the highest industry standards for the design, performance, and workmanship of its solar products, to secure a reliable energy supply of the PV system for well over a quarter of a century.



255-270 Watt

  • Entire module certified to withstand high wind loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (5400 Pascal
  • Excellent low light performance due to optimised solar cell design
  • No power loss caused by potential induced degradation
  • Polycrystalline 60-cell module achieves a power output up to 270Wp
  • Passes anti ammonia and anti salt mist guarantees, to deliver full performance in coastal or rural areas

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