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Don’t waste a single unit of energy with Catch Power!

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Turn your excess solar energy into hot water with this incredible device from Catch Power.

With more sunlight per square meter than any other country on Earth, Australian solar panel systems produce more than enough energy for the average household. In fact, in many cases, solar panels produce so much excess energy for a home, some of it has to be sent into the national grid! While you’re at work and the kids are at school, no one is home to use all that energy, so instead of wasting it, the power company takes it and gives you a discount on the electricity you buy from them!

With Catch Power you no longer waste any electricity you create. This ingenious little device diverts any excess energy created by your solar system and sends it to your water heater.

Designed and built in Australia, this is the world’s most advanced solar hot water diverter, and can give you free hot water, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.

How it works

The Catch Power system is incredibly simple and is only made up of two small boxes.

One box goes into your electricity meter and the other plugs into your modem – and that’s it! There are no complicated settings to deal with, and no other wiring. The boxes communicate with each other through the existing wires in your home, and you just plug it in and let Catch do the rest.

The system takes all the information about your energy consumption – how much solar energy you’re creating, when you most use it, and how long for –  and uses an adaptive learning algorithm to decide the best way to continuously heat your water and by which source. It even checks the weather forecast to see how much electricity the solar panels will be likely to produce in the coming days!

Catch works with all existing electric hot water systems, and there is no need for bulky, unsightly tubes or collector plates on your roof.


Blue catch power

Blue Catch Power

CATCH comes in two parts, the Diverter (meter box) and the Communicator (modem).

Max Hot Water Size     4.8kW
Max Load Current     20A
Max distance between Diverter and Communicator 60m
AC Input Voltage 230VAC
AC Frequency 50Hz
Weight <1kg
Dimensions HxWxL (cm)
Warranty 5yrs