Commercial Solar Power

More and more businesses are turning to solar power as a long term solution to their energy bills. As business operating costs rise, solar energy is an excellent approach to reduce some of those costs, and in a sustainable manner.

Bright Earth Electrical is experienced in installing large scale, network protected, commercial solar power systems. Make the move to solar today, and start saving tomorrow. As solar technology progresses, it’s becoming more and more efficient to harness the sun’s rays. Electricity has doubled in price in Australia over the previous decade, and those costs are only going to go up.

And of course customers are becoming more environmentally conscious. You can do your bit to help by moving to a 100% renewable energy source. Solar Energy doesn’t damage the environment in any way, and a push towards clean energy, the more green a business is, the more respect it garners from the public.

Some of our commercial solar power system installations:

Topline Paint

Where: 33 Aldershot Rd, Lonsdale SA 5160

Size: 60 Kw

No. of Panels: 240

Inverter: SMA

Read about this installation here

Commercial solar power system

South East Ice

Where: 1 Wrights Rd, Naracoorte SA 5271

Size: 30kw

No. of Panels: 120

Inverter: SMA

Spring Vale Eggs

Where: 194 Brookmans Rd, Blewitt Springs SA 5171

Size: 15kw

No. of Panels: 60

Inverter: Fronius

Payneham Masonic Hall

Where: 393 Payneham Rd, Marden SA 5070

Size: 6Kw

No. of Panels: 24

Inverter: SMA




Call us today if you have any questions regarding a solar panel installation. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. By making the switch sooner rather than later, your commercial business can start saving money on electricity and help the planet at the same time.