Catch Power

Turn your surplus solar power into hot water with Catch Power

    There’s a new, simple device which revolutionises home solar systems and the way you use solar generated energy – it’s called Catch Power.

    Catch Power turns your excess solar power into hot water, making sure you use every last bit of the electricity you created.

    Catch Power

    Home solar systems

    Australia receives more sunlight per square meter than any other country, a fact that the government is starting to take advantage of.

    This abundance of energy is more than enough for the average household, and in many cases, home solar systems produce so much energy that a large portion of it is sent back into the national grid.

    The problem is, that unless you have a battery to store it, the electricity created by your solar panels needs to be used immediately.

    If you’re at work and the kids are at school, no one is home to use all that energy on a sunny day, so instead of wasting it, it is fed into the grid and used by the power company!

    However, there is now an alternative to this situation.

    Catch Power is a small device which allows you to use your excess solar power even when you’re not at home.

    Instead of sending energy back into the grid, it sends it to your water heater, giving you free hot water and saving you hundreds of dollars annually.

    How Catch Power works

    This ingenious little device is incredibly simple and is only made up of two small boxes.

    One box goes into your electricity meter and the other plugs into your modem – and that’s it!

    There are no wiring issues or complicated settings to deal with. The two boxes communicate with one another through the existing wires in your home, leaving you to simply plug it in and let Catch do the rest.

    Catch Power automatically takes all the information about your energy consumption and uses an adaptive learning algorithm to decide the most efficient way to use your solar power.

    By looking at how much solar energy your system is creating, when you most use it, and how long you use it for, Catch determines how and when to heat your water tank.

    The device works with all existing electric hot water systems, and there is no need for bulky, unsightly tubes or collector plates on your roof.

    Hot water from solar panels

    Blue and Green Catch Power

    The Catch System comes in two options, Blue and Green.

    Blue Catch is the most advanced solar hot water system on the planet, using the internet to determine energy usage and monitor your solar system. It even checks the weather forecast to see how much electricity the solar panels will be likely to produce in the coming days!

    The Green Catch system is designed for those people who don’t have an internet connection. It is still a smart device, however it cannot call on weather forecasts to ensure every ounce of solar is being used for hot water.

    Call us today for your Catch hot water device

    Bright Earth Electrical is one of the few official distributors in South Australia of the Catch System.

    Designed and built in Australia to work in tough Australian conditions, Catch is the world’s most advanced solar hot water diverter, and can give you free hot water all year round.

    The electricity you create with your solar panels is yours.

    You should and can, get the full benefit from it, without having to give any unused energy to the power company.

    A Catch hot water system can save you hundreds of dollars each year, simply by taking any energy you don’t use and diverting it to your water tank.

    If you would like to know more about Catch, or how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to call us today on 08 8294 0595 or contact us via email.

    Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.