Home Automation

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Not too long ago, each electrical appliance and system in your home was controlled separately. But in today’s wired world, you can now control everything from one spot—either in your home or via a mobile device. Some of the top benefits of home automation are:

  1. Adding safety through appliance and lighting control and automated door locks
  2. Making you more comfortable with temperature control
  3. Saves you money by automatically controlling the thermostat and lights

Home automation is a snap. With our home automation installation services, you get centralized control of your home, allowing you to automate everyday tasks and have remote access to your home when you’re away.

control your lights from your phone

There are many features available for home automation—security, HVAC (heating and air conditioning), energy usage monitoring and control, lighting, entertainment, and outdoor sprinkler systems. If you want to control all of your home’s systems, Bright Earth Electrical can provide home automation installation services to connect to your home’s electrical grid and wireless network. You can control all of these systems via an in-home hub and, in many cases, a digital dashboard accessible via computers and wireless devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Clipsal C-bus home automation systems

Bright Earth Electrical is the expert installer for the Clipsal C-Bus. As the leader in home automation systems and building lighting control in Australia, the Clipsal line is the brand of choice for home owners.

The C-Bus System can be used to control lighting and other electrical systems and products automatically or via remote control. It can also be interfaced to a home security system, AV products or other electrical items. C-Bus uses a dedicated low-voltage cable or two-way wireless network to carry command and control signals, which improves the reliability of command transmission—making it exceptionally reliable.

Our C-Bus home automation is available in a wired version and a wireless version, with a gateway available to allow messages to be sent between wired and wireless networks.

Dean Woolley

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