Energy Efficient Lighting

Save up to 90% on your lighting bill. Change to LED globes!

Energy Efficient Lighting

What Are LEDs?

Solar isn’t the only way to reduce your power bills. Bright Earth Electrical can do a full ‘energy audit’ of your property and find ways to reduce your power usage through LED lighting, motion detectors and timer clocks to ensure your home is running efficiently.

Australia has a huge appetite for energy and electricity prices have risen threefold over the past 7 years. Energy efficient lighting has been a core focus of governments globally and has been supported enthusiastically by the Australian Government. Energy saving lighting technology (LED energy efficient lighting) has been developed rapidly over the past two years. LED lighting provides huge energy savings by simply using more energy efficient lighting technology, using less energy, for greater light output.

Bright Earth Electrical source only high-quality products with great warranties. We have a huge range of bases to suit all lighting fixtures:

  • Products for LED home lighting,green-led
  • LED outdoor lighting,
  • LED commercial lighting and LED retail lighting fixtures.
  • MR16 LED downlights,
  • LED spotlights,
  • LED replacement bulbs,
  • LED globes,
  • LED spotlights,
  • LED T8 tube lights

All have SAA Australian Safety certification and carry 7-year warranties to give you complete confidence.

The energy cost of lighting usually equates to around 40% of your total electricity costs annually. LED lighting can provide up to 90% energy savings instantly by simply using energy efficient LED lighting from Bright Earth Electrical.  We provide complete on site consultation to ensure that the LED energy efficient lighting products supplied will give our clients the best outcome possible, saving energy but providing quality light outcomes.

Talk to Bright Earth Electrical today for our latest simple retrofit LED lighting solutions. Save money by saving energy simply and efficiently. Install quality LED efficient lighting today, and start saving money tomorrow!



LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are small devices that generate light by passing a current through layers of a semiconducting material housed in a chip.

LEDs belong to a family of lighting technologies called solid-state lighting, and represent the dawning of a new age in the lighting industry.

Since LEDs do not scatter light and energy they are the most efficient option when it comes to lighting a home.

LEDs use 85% less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs and can last more than 15 times longer.

Compact fluorescent lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs for short, are basically miniature versions of the fluorescent lights we see in offices and kitchens.

CFLs use around 25%-35% of the energy used by traditional light bulbs, and last up to 10 times longer.

CFLs are more effective when used for long periods of times, rather than shorter uses like pantries or bathrooms. Switching them off and on frequently may shorten their life.

While they are not as efficient and don’t last as long as LEDs, they are a cheaper alternative, handy if replacing all the lights in your home on a budget.

Next generation halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs are the least efficient type of lighting on this list, but they do have their advantages.

The initial cost of a halogen bulb can be less than $2, making a complete household switch considerably less than the LED option.

Halogen bulbs look exactly like traditional bulbs, but use around 70% of the energy, and last for approximately twice as long.

Although the initial investment is cheaper, halogen bulbs use around 5 times the energy as LED lights, and 3 times the energy of CFLs, both of which also last considerably longer.

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