Bright Earth Electrical have been proudly serving Adelaide for years for a variety of electrical services. Our highly skilled team have experience with a range of electrical and solar issues; from installation and maintenance to general troubleshooting. Whatever your electrical needs are, we can handle it. No job is considered too big or too small! Our team are experienced working on residential and commercial jobs, including the following services:

Electrical Services

Bright Earth Electrical offers a full complement of electrical work for new and existing homes. From general electrical issues such as power points and lighting, through to more complex jobs like air conditioning installation and home rewiring. Click here for more information.

electrical services from Bright Earth

Energy Efficient Lighting

Solar isn’t the only way to reduce your power bills. Bright Earth Electrical can do a full ‘energy audit’ of your property and find ways to reduce your power usage through LED lighting, motion detectors, and timer clocks to ensure your home is running efficiently. Click here to discover how.

LED energy saving lights

Home Automation

Home automation is a snap and in today’s wired world, you can now control everything from one spot. With our home automation installation services, you get centralized control of your home, allowing you to automate everyday tasks and have remote access to your home when you’re away. Click here to read more.

Home light automation

Bright Earth Electrical can help with all your electrical services needs. Call us today on 0422 195 636 or email us if you have any questions. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.