home solar panels savings

Why investing in home solar panels makes financial sense

    Did you know 30 – 40% of homes in South Australia have home solar panels installed?

    Almost 10 thousand home solar panel systems were installed in Australian homes last year alone, a record number which is set to be broken again this year.

    The country – in fact the world – is switching to renewable energy, both on a small, family scale and on a large industrial level.

    Entire countries are making the move to renewable energy, leaving polluting sources like coal and oil behind, looking towards a future with clean energy.

    The ball has already started moving, and at this point, it’s unstoppable.

    Your children and grandchildren will be using solar power for their energy needs, so why hold out?

    It makes more sense financially to invest in home solar panels now rather than waiting for the inevitable.

    Solar electricity bill

    Traditional electricity continues to increase in price

    Domestic power bills have risen dramatically across Australia in recent years, and are showing no signs of slowing down. There are several reasons why this is happening and it’s worth examining…

    Your power bill

    It isn’t as simple as you paying for the electricity you use and that’s that. Surprisingly, less than a quarter of your power bill is from the electricity generated, with the rest of the charges coming from company costs and logistics.

    Almost half your bill is to cover the cost of the poles and wires needed to bring the electricity to your home. Australia has one of the biggest grids in the world, and constant maintenance and repairs, not to mention the expensive materials used, all need to be paid for, with consumers picking up the tab at the end of the day.

    And end to oil and coal

    Despite what the Luddites tell you, oil and coal is a dying industry.

    With Federal and State Governments pushing for renewables, there is a lack of national policy beyond 2020. This results in businesses not having the necessary certainty to invest in the expensive infrastructure needed to replace the old power plants.

    Energy Australia is backing the new formula of solar, wind and gas generation as the country’s future, closing coal power plants and investing in a long-term renewable strategy.

    The company is expected to invest $1 billion in the coming years to transition away from coal-generated power and with renewable energy generation outstripping coal, gas and oil over summer 2017-18, it’s not hard to see why.

    home solar panels savings

    The Government will pay you to make the switch

    With the official policy aiming for a quarter of all Australian electricity generation to be from renewables by 2020,  the government is offering incentives for people to make the switch to solar.

    Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, small-scale technology certificates are offered to individuals and small businesses as an incentive to convert to solar. These certificates significantly reduce the cost of having home solar panels installed – typically by around 30% of the total system cost. This incentive should be automatically applied to the price of your system by your installer – you won’t have to take any action yourself to claim it.

    On top of that, there are “feed-in” tariffs in South Australia, so any energy you create from your solar panels that you don’t use is fed into the national grid, for which you are paid. In Adelaide, any solar systems installed in the 5000 and 5006 post codes are eligible for a generous rebate, paid out after installation.

    Home solar panels add value to your home

    Home solar panels not only save you money on electricity, but they have an enormous impact on the resell value of your property.

    According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, having a solar power system already installed is a big motivator when it comes to buying property.

    This appeal is due to the potential savings for the new owners and the favourable perception of solar power by the Australian public.

    Estimates suggest that a 5kW system can add around $30,000 to a home, and on top of that, houses with a solar system already installed sell up to 20% faster than those without.

    Call us today and start saving tomorrow

    Making the switch to solar is the smart thing to do.

    With traditional electricity prices rising year on year, and the old oil and coal industries slowing dying, there will never be a point that your bills will be lower than they are now.

    By installing a home solar system, you can start saving money on your energy use immediately.

    Home solar panels have never been so affordable or easy to install.

    Bright Earth Electrical are Adelaide’s experts when it comes to all things solar.

    Contact us today and we’ll talk you through any questions or issues you may have. Our friendly and knowledgeable engineers will be happy to help in any way they can.