Electrical equipment

Electrical services in Adelaide from Bright Earth Electrical

    At Bright Earth Electrical we provide a wide range of electrical services and solar powered systems and installation in the Adelaide area and beyond. All our work is carried out by highly qualified and experienced electricians, guaranteed to the highest standard.

    Solar power systems

    It is estimated that within the next 15 years, half of all homes in Australia will be self-sufficient when it comes to their energy usage. The popularity of solar panels has exploded in the past decade and it’s not showing any signs of slowing.

    Australia receives the highest concentration of solar radiation per square metre of any continent, and we have the largest amount of rooftop solar installations per capita in the world- roughly about 1 in 6 homes. Solar is the future of energy in Australia, and the sooner people have a solar system installed, the sooner they start saving money.

    Bright Earth electrical are experts when it comes to solar systems. Whether it’s a residential system you need for your own home, or a full commercial energy system set up for a business, we can help. Solar power systems are more affordable than ever. Call us today and let’s have a chat about saving you money on energy bills.

    home with solar panels

    Electrical services

    We are, first and foremost, electricians here at Bright Earth Electrical. We repair or install anything electrical, no matter how big or small. From replacing a fuse at home, to full blown commercial installations.

    When it comes to residential work, you can call on us to help with any electrical issues around the house. From initial installation of lighting and air conditioning systems in a new home, through to replacing wiring and changing lightbulbs in an older building.

    We also have a long history of electrical services in Adelaide for commercial properties. Bright Earth can provide competitive quotes for any business or company. If you would like to convert to solar, upgrade your security system, or just have a systems and safety check of your electrics, then give us a call today.

    Energy efficient lighting

    Bright Earth Electrical can do a full ‘energy audit’ of your property, allowing us to find ways to reduce your power usage through LED lighting.

    Around 40% of your annual energy bill is purely lighting. LED lighting provides huge energy savings by using more energy efficient lighting technology. The end result is less energy is used, therefore less money is spent. It’s as simple as that.

    The more lights you have in your home, the more you save by converting to LED lighting. It’s estimated the average electric bill can be reduced by as much as 80% after converting to energy efficient lights. If you’re running a business, light is a massive overhead. Reduce that overhead today by calling Bright Earth.

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    Home Automation

    It used to be the stuff of science-fiction, but now everything in your home can be controlled with a flick of a switch – and you don’t even have to be there!

    Home automation is easy. It allows you to automate everyday tasks and have remote access to your house while you’re away. From your smart phone, you can turn off the sprinklers, switch on the heat pump to make the house nice and toasty for you coming home, or check via your security system who’s at the door.

    Bright Earth Electrical is the expert installer for the Clipsal C-Bus. Clipsal is leading home automation systems and building lighting control in Australia, and is the brand of choice for the nation. Our C-Bus home automation is available in a wired version and a wireless version, with a gateway available to allow messages to be sent between wired and wireless networks.

    If you want everything in your home to be controlled from your phone, then give us a call today. Our friendly and experienced staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.