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5 reasons your business should convert to solar power

    Australia has the most sunlight per square metre in the world, and all that free energy is going to waste. That alone is enough reason for this country to convert to solar power!

    The Government knows what needs to be done, and has laid out a plan to have 25% of Australia’s electricity generation come from renewables sources within the next 2 years, with South Australia aiming for 33% after smashing the previous target eight years ahead of schedule.

    With the country, and the world, changing to renewable energy, is it time for your business to join the revolution? Here are 5 reasons why you should convert to solar power.

    Business convert to solar power

    Rising energy costs will just keep on going up!

    If you feel like electricity has gone up in price over the last few years, you’re not wrong.

    Prices for electricity in Australian households increased on average by a staggering 72% in the 10 years to June 2013.

    The underlying cause of these sharp increases mainly comes down to the increase in gas prices which are needed to run the power stations. On top of that, several old and inefficient coal power plants have closed in South Australia and Victoria, decreasing the supply to the respective states.

    With coal, oil, and gas becoming more expensive, and fewer traditional power stations being built, the cost of electricity is only going to increase for those depending on the grid for their supply.

    Reduced monthly bills by creating your own electricity

    It’s not rocket science to figure out that creating your own electricity means it will be cheaper.

    By taking away the need to rely on the grid, you decrease the amount you buy from the power company.

    A business converting to solar power can save thousands in the first year alone. The reduction in energy bills can sometimes be the difference between a small business staying afloat or going under.

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    Government incentives to reward you

    Under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, small-scale technology certificates are offered to small businesses as an incentive to convert to solar.

    Depending on your system’s power generation, you’ll receive a cash amount, usually worth several thousand dollars.

    The scheme doesn’t end until 2030, so there’s plenty of time to jump on board.

    Environmentally responsible means a cleaner future

    As we begin to see the devastating effects of climate change, more and more people are starting to realise that changing to renewable energy is essential if we hope to protect future generations.

    Solar power is a non-toxic, quiet, and effortless way to produce electricity, all without any by-products.

    Converting your business to solar power is the easiest way to contribute to a sustainable future, and as a renewable energy, it’s literally limitless.

    Solar power goes hand in hand with social responsibility

    Corporate responsibility is a big issue when it comes to today’s consumers, and increasingly, customers are recognising and rewarding businesses that choose to “go green”.

    If your business does convert to solar power, you will set yourself apart from your competitors, signalling to people you have a social responsibility they do not.

    Employees would also prefer to work for an eco-friendly business, with studies showing a higher job satisfaction amongst those who work for a social responsible business.

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    Convert to solar power today with our help

    If you are thinking your business should convert to solar, then we can help.

    Making the switch isn’t a difficult choice. At the end of the day, your company can save thousands of dollars, both in reduced costs and Government incentives.

    Coming off the grid is not only the right thing to do financially, but also ethically. The world is turning to renewable energy, and those who don’t embrace the change will be left behind.

    Contact us today if you have any questions about switching your business to solar power.

    Our friendly and experienced technicians will be happy to help in any way.