solar battery

A battery backup can store and supply your own electricity

    The old argument against switching to solar is fast becoming redundant and now with a battery backup, you can store and supply your own electricity. The technology involved is improving year on year and battery backups are now freely available.

    Everyone knows the biggest problem with solar power; what happens when the sun doesn’t shine?

    Now more affordable than ever, a battery backup can change the way you view electricity usage, and vastly reduce your power bills.

    solar battery

    How does a battery backup work?

    Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity, and this electricity is converted from DC to AC current and used to power your home.

    This is all fine in principle, but the problem is – this electricity is either used or lost. If there is a surplus created by the panels and no-one is home to use it, it gets fed back into the national grid.

    Now this sounds like the electricity company is stealing your leftover power, but they do give you credits for it, and these are bought back when you need them, like when it’s cloudy or at night time.

    A solar battery is exactly like the batteries in your television remote control – they simply store energy.

    If you add a battery backup to your solar power system, any surplus electricity doesn’t get sent to the grid. Instead it is stored in your home, ready for use whenever you need it.

    So if the sun isn’t shining because it’s raining or it’s night-time, the battery backup kicks into action and supplies your home with any electricity you need.

    If your battery is full, only then does your power get sent back into the grid, or conversely, when your battery is empty, only then do you use the grid’s electricity.

    Why use a battery backup?

    Being in control of your own electricity makes you self-reliant. This not only gives you a safety net against power outages like the ones Adelaide experienced recently, but greatly reduces your electricity bill.

    A battery backup can reduce your demand on the grid by an astonishing 75%, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run.

    As the government heads towards renewable energy production, investing billions in solar and wind farms, this will have a knock-on effect for the traditional power plants.

    As environmentally friendly competition increases, the cost of producing coal and oil power stations will grow exponentially, resulting in higher bills for the consumer.

    The past decade has seen the average power bill in Australia more than double, and this will only get worse.

    By investing in solar systems now, or a battery backup if you already have solar panels installed, you can save thousands of dollars in rising electricity costs.


    Types of battery backup available

    Bright Earth Electrical install 2 of the very best battery backup systems available.

    Tesla Powerwall

    Automated, compact and simple to install, the Tesla Powerwall enables you to maximise self-consumption of solar power generation.

    The technology behind the Powerwall allows it to act as a single battery in an overall chain. This means you can add another one to it and double your power, and with a maximum of 10 units linked together, powering a home of any size is no problem.

    LG Chem

    Since its foundation in 1947, LG Chem has served as Korea’s representative chemical company, contributing to the development of the national economy.

    LG Chem’s RESU 6.4 EX brings storage solutions to Australia at an affordable price and are top class quality. This ultra-compact, ultra-lightweight battery allows for expansion and can be easily installed indoors.

    installing solar panels with battery backup

    Make the switch to solar today

    If you’re interested in adding a battery backup to your existing solar power system, or you would like to know more about having solar panels installed, then contact Bright Earth Electrical today.

    As the technology develops each year, solar power is becoming more efficient, easier to install, and cheaper to buy.

    Make the switch today and start saving tomorrow. By becoming self-reliant you can forget about the power company increasing their prices – it won’t affect you.